Health & WellBEING for Highly Sensitive Persons

Learn how to honor your sensitive nature.
Create  new habits that make your whole BEING blossom.

Meditating in Nature

If you ...

... value meaningful connections at work more than financial rewards and formal praise;

... feel paralyzed by toxic behavior and highly energized by an expression of appreciation from a colleague; 

...feel that your body is fragile and cannot keep up with the demands of the outside world;

...enjoy the quality one-on-one connection with people, rather than big groups and crowd places;

... or simply know that you are an HSP and want your sensitive nature to be your ally in your professional and personal journey...

then you are in the right place!

Hello and Welcome! I am Anna, and I help Highly Sensitive Individuals create an eco-system of practices and lifestyle habits that make them succeed professionally and thrive in their personal life.

In my practice, I use the principles of Functional Medicine and Positive Psychology tools to help my clients become intentional about what they feed their body and mind with, the way they introduce movement, relaxation, and energy of other people into their life. 

Together we co-create a radical self-care routine that honors the needs and gifts of their highly sensitive nature. 

Foggy Waters